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Our primary concern is to offer fair prices and accessibility to quality products. Due to the increasing cost of fuel, we need to add a supplement of 2% on your total bill if you opt for the delivery system. There is no additional fees on orders picked-up at the farm.

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It’s important for us to fully satisfy our customers by offering the freshest, healthiest and tastiest organic meat on the market. Contact us if you have any comments or ideas to improve our service.

10 kg box of beef

Use the order form for your 10 kg box of frozen organic beef and receive a 15% reduction off of retail price.
All our young beef products are certified organic by Ecocert Canada



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Produit par la Ferme Picardier

- Sausage chicken tomatoes and basil (pack of 3) - 28.50$/Kg

- Ground chicken - 17.70$/Kg

- Chicken breast fillet - 30.95$/Kg

- Chicken scalopinni - 31.95$/Kg

- Hebs and lemon marinated cubes - 36.25$/Kg

- Chicken carckass - 2.00$/Kg

- Greek marinated cubes - 36.25$/Kg

- Chicken chinese fondue - 31.95$/Kg


Produit par la Ferme Picardier


Produit par la Ferme Picardier

- Veal – Tenderloin steak - 71.95$/Kg

- Veal – Striploin steak - 54.95$/Kg

- Veal – Ground - 21.95$/kg

- Veal – Sirloin Steak - 35.00$/Kg

- Veal – Scaloppini - 44.95$/kg

- Veal – Cube for simmer - 25.95$/kg

- Veal – Rib eye steak - 59.95$/Kg

- Veal – Rib steak - 49.00$/Kg

- Veal – Osso bucco - 23.95$/kg

- Veal – Tenderloin roast - 71.95$/Kg


Produit par Les viandes Rheintal

- Pork – Italian mild sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- Pork – Breakfast sausage - 8.85$/Kg

- Pork – Spicy Italian sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- Pork – Apple cranberry sausage - 8.85$/Kg

- Pork – Ham and cheddar sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- Pork – Normand sausage - 8.85$/Kg

- Pork – Maple sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- Pork – Francfort sausage - 8.85$/Kg

- Pork – Apple and bacon sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- pork – Montbéliard sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- pork – Bratswurst sausage - 10.75$/Kg

- Toulouse sausage (Rheintal) - 10.75$/Kg

- Bacon (Rheintal) - 41.65$/Kg

Produit par Les viandes biologiques de Charlevoix

- Pork – ground - 18.15$/Kg

- Pork – Creton - 6.65$/220g

- Pork – Chop with bones - 17.70$/Kg

- Pork – Pâté de foie - 5.15$/125g

- Pork – Boneless chop

- Pork – Rillette - 5.15$/125g

- Pork – Fillet - 24.05$/Kg

- Chicken – Creton - 6.40$/220g

- Pork – Roast pork loin with bones

- Chicken – Broth - 4.15$/675

- Pork – Roast pork loin

- Pork – Dry sausage sliced Pieux - 61.00$/Kg

- Pork – Sausage

- Pork – Dry sausage the Pépé - 61.25$/Kg

- Pork – Hot dog sausage - 18.25$/Kg

- Pork- Dry sausage the 5 to 7 - 61.25$/Kg

- Bacon (Charlevoix) - 34.95$/Kg


Produit par Ferme du Grand Duc

- Bison – Ground - 32.00$/Kg

- Bison – Merguez sausage - 36.00$/Kg

- Bison – Cube - 34.66$/Kg

- BIson – Country sausage - 34.66$/Kg


Produit par Les Fromagiers de la Table ronde

- 1 year old troubadour - 32.93$/Kg

- 3 years old Troubadour - 35.79$/Kg

Maple Sirup

Produit par L'érablière du Rang des Vents

- Maple syrup clear - 9.25$/540ml

- Maple syrup dark - 9.25$/540ml

- Maple syrup medium - 9.25$/540ml