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Methods of breeding

At Ferme Picardier, we raise our beef and chickens according to biological standards. The beefs live all year round in pasture. The cows and their calves naturally co-exist. In the winter, our chickens live in a vast building that benefits from natural lighting. In the summer, after the first few weeks of warm life, our chicken are happy to live outside!

"Moving henhouses" are mesh enclosures that protect chickens from predators and are partially covered to provide shade during warm summer days. Chickens raised on pasture can eat grass and insects, which complements their feeding of biological grains. The pens are moved twice a day to ensure that the grass offered to the chickens is always fresh.

In our fields, we grow organic cereals and organic hay for the feeding of our animals. The Ross chickens consume a select mix of organic cereals until they reach maturity (2 to 3 kg). The Red and Black Angus, crossbred calves and oxen are fed hay, organic grains and native grasses from our pastures, giving them a unique taste.

The secret of very good taste

Flavor is directly related to the quality of life of livestock. It is by tasting our biological meats you will be convinced. It takes time and attention to produce a firm, tasty and fine flesh. The young beef are raised with their mother and weaned at their natural rhythm, which explains the very red color of the veal (unlike the conventional milk-fed veal). The meat of young beef is not too fat, because their diet is balanced, without growth hormones or antibiotics. You will also notice that our fresh eggs stand out by their bright yellow and firm. Our animals grow in peace, in a place free from pesticides and chemicals.


For three generations, the Gauthier family cultivate on this land in an ecological way. In the family, we know that nature takes care of itself when we know how to respect it. In 1992, Pierre Gauthier became the partner of his father Carmel on the family dairy farm at Brébeuf where he grew up. He then begins a new life Leaving his computer technician job in Montreal, he returned to his roots with his wife Diane Lelièvre.

In the early 2000s, Pierre and Diane noticed a growing demand for organic and local poultry. The dairy farm, which was already functioning naturally without chemicals, is gradually giving way to raising certified organic beef and chicken.

Nos produits sont certifiés biologiques par Ecocert Canada

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Pierre Gauthier et Diane Lelièvre, owner-operators

27 QC-323, Brébeuf, QC J0T 1B0

(819) 425-8922

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